Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to my life,

My name is Andrew Sussman and I am attending SUNY ESF working on a project to educate that masses. The goal of our project is to show people that there are pros and cons to living in every type of society; rural,  suburban, and urban. I am from a suburb of New York City and I will be representing the suburban voice in this project.

A glimpse at the life of Robin Trumble

Hi there, I'm Robin Trumble.  As a SUNY ESF freshman, I'm currently finishing up my first year of college in Syracuse New York.  I'm majoring in Conservation Biology, and so far it's a blast.  I'm working with two of my friends on a project analyzing the benefits of urban, suburban, and rural environments.  What exactly is sustainable?  The perfect lifestyle is hard to determine, but it's an analysis worth doing.
A little about Travis Petit,

I am a student at SUNY ESF and two of my classmates and I are working on a project together.  We are discussing the pro's and con's environmentally of different living styles (Rural, Urban, Suburban)  I come from a rural background.  I live in the small agricultural town of Tully, NY.