Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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"Started From" Lyrics


Started from the country now I’m here
Started from the country reppin’ straight John Deere
Started from the suburbs now I’m here
Started from the suburbs now I’m stuck driving everywhere
Started from the city now I’m here
Started from the city all my needs are near

Verse 1:

I done kept it rural from the jump
Livin’ in the sticks using mother nature every month
I was trying to conserve it on my own
Working all day, no traffic on the road
And mother nature callin’ me like where ya at?
I’ll show you stream and we can hike our way back
I just think it’s awesome how it grows!
Managing our forests, growing crops for the green world


Verse 2:

Boys tell stories about the burbz
They say that caring for the environment is absurd
We could turn the burbz into a better land
I aint gonna lie, we got mad solar panels here
We just want the credit where it’s due
Ima worry about the Earth, show you all up


Verse 3:

No long drives people don’t do that
Nine cat lives urban pets and rats
We don’t got that problem of commuting
Public transportation stops polluting
No big farms got my food nearby
No small houses, got apartments real high
We never have to worry about expenses
Services everywhere come to your senses


Monday, April 15, 2013

One of Ithaca’s most unique features is the fact that it’s not only a city, but a college town as well.  In fact, over half of Ithaca’s population (roughly 35,000 students) stem from Ithaca College and Cornell alone.  Cornell University currently owns 11,000 acres in Ithaca (745 as the “center campus”), 6,000 acres in other parts of New York, and 2,000 acres in other parts of the country.  It owns an incredible total of 19,000 acres.  Cornell also owns more than 420,000 acres of mineral rights.  As a wealthy Ivy League university, Cornell’s incredible influence and phenomenal wealth has done wonders for the city overall.The natural beauty of Ithaca is also worth mentioning.  Its place on Cayuga Lake has done wonders for the tourist economy, especially given the close proximity to such beautiful gorges and waterfalls.  It’s ideal make-up and build has solidified it’s reputation as “Ithaca is Gorges”.   

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As some of you know I, Travis Petit, am from a small agricultural based town Tully, NY.  My town has been a great place to grow up and become interested in the environment.  I will discuss a few things that make my town good for the environment.  One of the great things about Tully is the amount of farmers markets around making it very easy to get fresh local food.  This cuts down on fossil fuels used to obtain fresh vegetables and fruits.  Not only are there many farmers markets right outside the town, but there is one right in town.  The Kings Corner Market is open during the summer months and sits in the most central location in town.  It is located right off Rout 80 which makes it easy for passer-byes to be able to get fresh food as well as the locals. (thevillageoftully.org)  The school also is a huge supported of getting students involved with the environment and becoming more sustainable.  About five years ago the environmental science class made a windmill/solar station that would generate enough power to run the scoreboard for sporting events.  Also the school has a greenhouse that students are able to use for class.  Some of the vegetable grown are used for the school lunches.  In 2011 the school took a big step in the sustainable direction by installing an electrical car charging station to the green house.  This charging station would be powered by the wind/solar station as well.  This is one of its kind in the local area.  No other school that I know of has such innovative projects mostly run by the students.  Tully is a very unique town and much could be learned from its students and teachers alike.


The town of Livingston can serve as a model for other suburbs on how to treat the environment. Livingston does many great things that have influence my life to make me interested in the environment. The town encourages all of its residents to be green in various ways and even teaches residents how to be greener. The Green Team can help a person learn to compost or just learn what can be recycled. But the town goes beyond just helping the residents and actually sets an example. Recently solar panels have been placed on all municipal buildings and on telephone poles, has switched to hybrid buses, and plants trees and shrubs continuously.
However the progress does not stop there. My home town is currently at the end of its “5 Year Strategic Plan” to continue to make Livingston a better place to live. In this short period of time I have seen the town change and shift toward making a community that not only cares about the environment, but is more educated about how each person can help. I have been to the workshops that teach people about rain water collection and composting and I have seen the signs spring up around town asking people to not idle their cars.
Livingston is different than other towns because people are willing to use their money to make a better community and most suburbs have residents who are not (Loker et al, 1999). In most cases what holds back a suburban community is that people are not willing to invest in management plans because they do not see it as feasible economically. My home town has been able to implement campaigns to manage the deer population, changeover to more efficient light bulbs in street lights, buy community hybrid vehicles and much more all with investments from the people of my town. Livingston truly is a model suburb town that many other towns could learn a lot from.
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Check out this video about the towns we come from and feel free to leave your comments about your home town.