Monday, April 15, 2013

One of Ithaca’s most unique features is the fact that it’s not only a city, but a college town as well.  In fact, over half of Ithaca’s population (roughly 35,000 students) stem from Ithaca College and Cornell alone.  Cornell University currently owns 11,000 acres in Ithaca (745 as the “center campus”), 6,000 acres in other parts of New York, and 2,000 acres in other parts of the country.  It owns an incredible total of 19,000 acres.  Cornell also owns more than 420,000 acres of mineral rights.  As a wealthy Ivy League university, Cornell’s incredible influence and phenomenal wealth has done wonders for the city overall.The natural beauty of Ithaca is also worth mentioning.  Its place on Cayuga Lake has done wonders for the tourist economy, especially given the close proximity to such beautiful gorges and waterfalls.  It’s ideal make-up and build has solidified it’s reputation as “Ithaca is Gorges”.   

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