Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As some of you know I, Travis Petit, am from a small agricultural based town Tully, NY.  My town has been a great place to grow up and become interested in the environment.  I will discuss a few things that make my town good for the environment.  One of the great things about Tully is the amount of farmers markets around making it very easy to get fresh local food.  This cuts down on fossil fuels used to obtain fresh vegetables and fruits.  Not only are there many farmers markets right outside the town, but there is one right in town.  The Kings Corner Market is open during the summer months and sits in the most central location in town.  It is located right off Rout 80 which makes it easy for passer-byes to be able to get fresh food as well as the locals. (thevillageoftully.org)  The school also is a huge supported of getting students involved with the environment and becoming more sustainable.  About five years ago the environmental science class made a windmill/solar station that would generate enough power to run the scoreboard for sporting events.  Also the school has a greenhouse that students are able to use for class.  Some of the vegetable grown are used for the school lunches.  In 2011 the school took a big step in the sustainable direction by installing an electrical car charging station to the green house.  This charging station would be powered by the wind/solar station as well.  This is one of its kind in the local area.  No other school that I know of has such innovative projects mostly run by the students.  Tully is a very unique town and much could be learned from its students and teachers alike.

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