Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Awesome great new rap video!

"Started From" Lyrics


Started from the country now I’m here
Started from the country reppin’ straight John Deere
Started from the suburbs now I’m here
Started from the suburbs now I’m stuck driving everywhere
Started from the city now I’m here
Started from the city all my needs are near

Verse 1:

I done kept it rural from the jump
Livin’ in the sticks using mother nature every month
I was trying to conserve it on my own
Working all day, no traffic on the road
And mother nature callin’ me like where ya at?
I’ll show you stream and we can hike our way back
I just think it’s awesome how it grows!
Managing our forests, growing crops for the green world


Verse 2:

Boys tell stories about the burbz
They say that caring for the environment is absurd
We could turn the burbz into a better land
I aint gonna lie, we got mad solar panels here
We just want the credit where it’s due
Ima worry about the Earth, show you all up


Verse 3:

No long drives people don’t do that
Nine cat lives urban pets and rats
We don’t got that problem of commuting
Public transportation stops polluting
No big farms got my food nearby
No small houses, got apartments real high
We never have to worry about expenses
Services everywhere come to your senses


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  1. Awesome job guys! It really made me think about how the city and suburbs can be more sustainable than we tend to think. Great to see how you were creative yet informative.